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Computing & Data Analysis 
Computing & Data Resources
Center for Research ComputingFangping Mu
Center for Research Computing provides access to computing and data storage resources, training workshops on how best to use these resources, and personalized consultation on improvements to research codes and workflows. Location: Oakland, SCHEN
Center for Research on Health Care Data CenterWeb form
The Center for Research on Health Care Data Center provides cutting-edge expertise and research infrastructure across four key Cores of Biostatistics, Data Management & Information Systems, Qualitative Analysis, and Data Coordination. Location: Oakland, VALE
Health Research Record RequestGeneral email
The Health Research Record Request (R3) is a center for data management and a warehouse of health record data from UPMC. Available services include data service and policy support. The facility does not provide analysis services. Location: Shadyside, BAUM
Health Sciences Library System Molecular Biology Information ServiceAnsuman Chattopadhya
The Health Sciences Library System Molecular Biology Information Service office maintains institutional licenses to a number of analytical software tools. Training workshops are offered regularly on how to use many of those packages, including those used for RNA-Seq and single-cell transcriptomics analysis. Location: Oakland, SCAIF
Health Services Research Data Center (HSRDC)General email
The Health Sciences Research Data Center is a HIPAA compliant secure computing environment where study teams can store data and do analytics from anywhere with internet access. Teams work in a Windows virtual desktop with memory, storage, and computing power dedicated to each user. Knowledgeable facility staff can provide data management, help with regulatory documents like DUAs, maintain systems compliance, and custom application development. Location: Oakland, SCAIF
National Retail Data MonitoringMaria Bond
The National Retail Data Monitoring Facility monitors anonymous sales of over-the-counter healthcare products for disease outbreak and surveillance. Location: Shadyside, BAUM
Office of Academic ComputingGeneral email
The Office of Academic Computing within the Department of Psychiatry uses current best practices in database and software development to build applications for research data collection and processing, including robust database designs with emphasis on data integrity and security. OAC specializes in clinical research management systems (CRMS) integrated with secure online data collection. Location: Oakland, WPIC
Pittsburgh Supercomputing CenterPhil Blood
The mission of the PIttsburgh Super Computing Center is to enable the advancement of science and research. The Center cultivates collaborative partnerships, empowers the next generation of researchers, and provides cutting-edge cyberinfrastructure. Location: Oakland, 300 Craig St.
Expert Data Analysis
Bioinformatics Core Facility at the John G Rangos Sr. Research CenterDhivyaa Rajasundaram
The Bioinformatics Core Facility at the John G. Rangos Sr. Research Center provides bioinformatics as well as biostatistics services across a wide range of disease domains. The next-generation sequencing data analysis includes, but is not limited to, whole genome-, whole exome-, bulk and single cell epigenome-, bulk and single cell transcriptome, spatial transcriptome, microbiome, metabolome, proteome and lipidome data analysis. The facility specializes in T-, and B- cell repertoire data analysis, multi-omics initiatives, and multimodal analysis. Shiny dashboard and other web application development is also supported. Location: Lawrenceville, RANCH
Biostatistics Facility, UPMC Hillman Cancer CenterJessica Harrison
The Biostatics Facility at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center provides statistical and computational methods for design, execution, analysis, and reporting of cancer-related research studies and trials including biomarker analysis and grant development. Shadyside, HCC Location: Shadyside, HCC
Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research DesignWeb form
The Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design Core of Pitt's Clinical and Translational Science Institute provides consultation regarding study design, statistical analyses, power and sample size calculations and data collection for clinical and translational studies and grant applications. BERD offers consultation for collecting and managing data using the REDCap system. BERD also offers a series of workshops to provide essential elements involved in data collection, data management and creating reports for research studies. Location: Oakland, FRTWR
Cancer Bioinformatics Services, UPMC Hillman Cancer CenterRiyue Bao or Uma Chandran
The Cancer Bioinformatics Services at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center provides bioinformatics support for translational genomics using sequencing, arrays, single cell, and other technologies. Location: Shadyside, HCC
Epidemiology Data Center, Pitt Public HealthContact
The Epidemiology Data Center at Pitt Public Health provides a research environment in which complex health questions can be explored and answered using the combined tools of biology and statistics. EDC establishes collaborations with clinical researchers to design, conduct and analyze multicenter, randomized clinical trials and epidemiological studies. Location: Oakland, SCHEN
Genomics Analysis CoreUma Chandran
The Genomics Analysis Core focuses on bioinformatics analysis of genomic data with emphasis on rigor and reproducibility. Professional analytical staff support all aspects of translational studies - from experimental design to data analysis to publication. Location: Shadyside, BAUM
High Throughput Genome CenterJianhua Luo, MD
The High Throughput Genome Center supports high throughput parallel sequencing for genome, transcriptome and epigenome analyses through AVITI, Illumina and Oxford Nanopore platforms as well as array based analysis of RNA, DNA copy number, single nucleotide polymorphism and epigenome analyses through the Affymetrix platform. It also provides extensive bioinformatic analyses to investigators through collaboration. Location: Oakland, SCAIF
Statistics Consulting CenterContact
The Statistics Consulting Center offers services to the Pitt community at no charge. A program of the Department of Statistics, the center is staffed by departmental graduate students under faculty supervision. Location: Oakland, WWPH
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