All Facilities

Advanced Imaging Center (AIC) Imaging & Microscopy Model OrganismsT. Kevin Hitchens
High-field Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and spectroscopy (MRS) facility allowing high-resolution in vivo rodent imaging and ex vivo imaging of specimens and tissue samples for applications in life science, biomedical and preclinical imaging research. Southside, MGOWN
MUH Clinical and Translational Research Center Clinical ResearchJill Huwe
State-of-the-art infrastructure, inpatient and outpatient facilities, specialized equipment, and experienced staff to support clinical and translational research. Administrative staff maintain rigorous oversight of all studies and assist investigators with every aspect of research from study design and budget development through implementation. Oakland, MONF
Health Sciences Sequencing Core at CHP OMICSWill MacDonald
The Health Sciences Sequencing Core at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh offers Illumina next generation sequencing services to the University of Pittsburgh research community. In addition to the above, Core staff have extensive experience in RNA and DNA extraction from tissues and biofluids. sequencing for RNA/DNA Lawrenceville, RANCH
Health Sciences Mass Spectrometry Core OMICSGeneral email
The Health Sciences Mass Spectrometry Core (The MSC) provides liquid chromatography high resolution mass spectrometry (LC-HRMS) services for metabolomics, lipidomics and proteomics. Our goal is to assist investigators throughout the full lifespan of their projects – from experimental design and sample preparation through statistical analysis and interpretation of datasets. Oakland, BST3
Peptide and Peptoid Synthesis Core In Vivo/Vitro Agents Clinical ResearchKazi Islam
Comprehensive services for the custom synthesis and characterization of peptides, peptoids and small molecule constructs.Extensive capabilities for technologically advanced custom modifications such as bioconjugations and targeted therapeutic strategies.State of the art HPLC and mass spectrometry capabilities and services in support of protein, siRNA, antibody and small molecule quantification and characterization are available. Riverside, CNBIO
Pitt Biospecimen Core (PBC) Biospecimen & HistologyChristina Kline
Human sample procurement, processing,banking, Pathology consultation, and research histology. Multiple hospital locations.
Small Molecule Biomarker Core Specialized AssaysRaymond West
Mass spectrometry based quantitation of small molecule drug and biomarker concentrations. Oakland, SALKP
Health Research Record Request (R3) Computing & Data AnalysisJonathan Silverstein
Data management and warehouse of health record data from UPMC. Data service and policy support available. The facility does not provide analysis services. Shadyside, BAUM
National Retail Data Monitoring (NRDM) Computing & Data AnalysisMaria Bond
Monitors anonymous sales of over-the-counter healthcare products for disease outbreak and surveillance. Shadyside, BAUM
Center for Biologic Imaging (CBI) Imaging & Microscopy Cell BiologySimon Watkins
Integrated elite level access and training on infrastructure used for research, education, technology development and collaboration in Microscopy, Biophotonics and Imaging. Oakland, BSTWR-S
Regional Biocontainment Laboratory Model OrganismsPaul Duprex
BSL2+ and BSL3 compliant laboratory space. Investigator personnel must receive training and perform tasks. Facility does not provide labor support. Oakland, BST3
Health Services Research Data Center (HSRDC) Computing & Data AnalysisGeneral email
HIPAA Compliant secure computing environment where study teams can store data and do analytics directly in the secure environment from anywhere with internet access. Teams work in a Windows virtual desktop with dedicated memory, storage, and compute dedicated to each user. We can provide data management, help with regulatory documents like DUAs, maintain systems compliance, and custom application development. Oakland, SCAIF
Multidisciplinary Acute Care Clinical Research Organization (MACRO) Clinical ResearchAlan Abraham
We provide all services needed to conduct a clinical trial. Our team consists of specialists in the following areas: Regulatory, contracting, laboratory, screening/enrolling, and trial/data management. We provide year-round 24/7 support in the areas of critical care, emergency, surgery, pediatrics, and other limited areas based on need. Oakland, SCAIF
Innovative Technologies Development Core (ITDC) Model Organisms In Vivo/Vitro AgentsSebastien Gingras
Expert design and implementation of gene targeting strategies using various methods, including CRISPR-Cas9 in mice and cells. Shadyside, FORD
Mouse Embryo Services Core Model OrganismsChunming Bi
Full range of services of genetically modified mice line including sperm/embryo cryopreservation and rederivation Consultation on mouse colony maintenance and breeding. Shadyside, FORD
Unified Flow Cytometry Core Cell BiologyDewayne Falkner
Extensive flow Cytometry and cell sorting services with instruments in BST and at the Assembly. Capabilities include traditional, spectral and imaging flow analyzer as well as chip cytometry and cell sorting. Oakland, BST, Shadyside, FORD
Center for Preclinical Studies Model OrganismsShawn Bengston
Full-service study management in-vivo large animal model testing facility supporting both exploratory and later stage preclinical testing and development of novel therapies and a variety of complex medical devices as well as offering on-site capabilities for industry-initiated surgeon qualification training as required for human clinical trials. The Center specializes in supporting Pitt Faculty engaged in industry collaborations requiring a high degree of data integrity and complete study reconstruction. Southside, MGOWN
Flow Cytometry Facility Cell BiologyDewayne Falkner
Our aim is to make state-of-the-art Flow Cytometry available to all researchers across the University of Pittsburgh campus. We provide instrumentation and experienced staff to assist users in the understanding, development and usage of multi-parameter Flow Cytometry in order to further their research. Riverside, BRDG2
Histology Lab Services Core Biospecimen & HistologyJulia Hart
Prepares and mounts tissue sections from fixed or frozen tissue. Human tissue must be fixed. A variety of tissue staining methods are supported, including some custom work. Riverside, BRDG2
Small Animal Ultrasonography Core Imaging & Microscopy Model OrganismsBrenda McMahon
High frequency ultrasound for non-invasive, in vivo, real-time, high-resolution imaging of tissue structure and function in small animals. Oakland, BST
Center for Research on Health Care Data Center Computing & Data AnalysisWeb form
Cutting-edge expertise and research infrastructure across 4 key Cores: Biostatistics, Data Management & Information Systems, Qualitative Analysis, and Data Coordination. Oakland, VALE
Preclinical Phenotyping Core Model OrganismsGeneral email
Characterization of behavioral and physiological phenotypes of rodent models. Oakland, BST3
Single Cell Core Cell Biology OMICSWeb Form
Library prep for scRNA and snATAC using the 10X Genomics Chromium Controller and iX. Cell surface markers and V(D)J B cell and T cell immune profiling also supported. Oakland, BST2
Magee-Women's Hospital Clinical and Translational Research Center Clinical ResearchEmily Immel
An outpatient facility supporting clinical and translational research in women’s health. Facilities include interview and exam rooms as well as laboratory support for processing biological specimens. The CTRC also facilitates newborn and infant research visits. Oakland, Magee Hospital
Bioinformatics Core Facility at CHP Computing & Data AnalysisDhivyaa Rajasundaram
Provide Bioinformatics as well as Biostatistics services across a wide range of disease domains. The next generation sequencing data analysis includes but not limited to whole, genome-, whole exome-, bulk and single cell epigenome-, bulk and single cell transcriptome, spatial transcriptome, microbiome, metabolome, proteome and lipidome data analysis. The facility specializes in T-, and B- cell repertoire data analysis, multi-omics initiatives, and multimodal analysis. Shiny dashboard and other web application development is also supported. Lawrenceville, RANCH
Gnotobiotic Facility Model OrganismsJake Deschepper
BSL2 compliant animal facility providing isolators for studies requiring germ free or gnotobiotic mice. All husbandry and upkeep services provided. Additional specialized support available. Oakland, BST3
Metabolic Core Facility Specialized AssaysClinton Van't Land
The Metabolic Core provides Instrument Services for analysis of 1) endogenous metabolic pathway intermediates or biomarkers from biological fluids, cell cultures, and tissues using Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS), 2) energy metabolism (cell bioenergetics) in “living” cells using a Seahorse® Analyzer, and 3) biomarkers/metabolites to quantitate pathway intermediates using HPLC with 3 detector options (ECD, UV-VIS, FLR). Lawrenceville, RANCH
Rangos Animal Imaging Core Model Organisms Imaging & MicroscopyYijen Wu
Multi-modal imaging services MRI, MRS, ultrasound, CT, PET, SPECT, IVIS, and microinjection for all areas of preclinical anatomical imaging, functional imaging, and molecular imaging, from small rodents, rabbits, goats, pigs, to non-human primates. Lawrenceville, RANCH
Rangos Cell Imaging I Core Imaging & Microscopy Cell BiologyKrishna Prasadan
Cell imaging by confocal microscopy including live cell and Laser capture microdissection, LCM. Lawrenceville, RANCH
Rangos Flow Cytometry Core Cell BiologyGeneral Email
BSL2+ compliant cytometry analysis and sorting services located at the Rangos building in Lawrenceville. It serves researchers based in Rangos, inclusive of faculty from several SOM departments and the Department of Pediatrics. It also serves some faculty from other units of the University and UPMC. Lawrenceville, RANCH
Rangos Histology Core Biospecimen & HistologyMichele Mulkeen
High quality individualized histological services including tissue processing and embedding, sectioning, routine stains and novel antibody workup. Lawrenceville, RANCH
Drosophila Facility Model OrganismsMichael Palladino
Drosophila media produced locally and in bulk. Oakland, BST3
MR Research Center Imaging & Microscopy Clinical ResearchAndrew Reinberg
Development and application of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) for medical and biological research. MRRC is Whole body imaging capable with specialty in anatomical MRI imaging of brain, spine, extremities, liver, bladder and functional MRI to study cognitive, sensory, and motor function in the brain. Oakland, PRESBY
Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Research Center Imaging & Microscopy Clinical Research In Vivo/Vitro AgentsJames Ruszkiewicz
PET imaging for clinical and pre-clinical studies. Radiotracer production and development. Oakland, PRESBY
Genomics Analysis Core Computing & Data AnalysisUma Chandran
Provides genomics data analysis with emphasis on rigor and reproducibility. Support for all aspects of translational studies - from experimental design to data analysis to publication. Shadyside, BAUM
Pediatric Clinical and Translational Research Center (PCTRC) Clinical ResearchKimberly Matko
A unique multidisciplinary setting that provides physicians the opportunity to investigate childhood diseases in a controlled environment on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. Lawrenceville, AOB
Cryo-electron Microscopy (CryoEM) Facility Imaging & MicroscopyJames Conway
CryoEM for high resolution structural analysis of proteins, protein complexes, viruses, macromolecular assemblies, cellular organelles, and bacterial cells. Oakland, BST3
Center for Research Computing (CRC) Computing & Data AnalysisFangping Mu
CRC provides (1) access to computing and data storage resources, (2) training workshops on how best to use these resources, and (3) personalized consultation on improvements to research codes and workflows. Oakland, SCHEN
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) Computing & Data AnalysisPhil Blood
PSC’s mission is to enable the advancement of science and research. We cultivate collaborative partnerships, empower the next generation of researchers, and provide cutting-edge cyberinfrastructure. Oakland, 300 Craig St.
Biobehavioral Oncology Facility, HCC Clinical Research Specialized AssaysFrank Jenkins
Wet lab providing support for specimen processing and a wide range of assays for biobehavioral researchers without wet lab space and expertise. Shadyside, HCC
Biostatistics Facility, HCC Computing & Data AnalysisJessica Harrison
Statistical and computational methods for design, execution, analysis, and reporting of cancer-related research studies and trials; biomarker analysis, grant development. Shadyside, HCC
Cancer Bioinformatics Services, HCC Computing & Data AnalysisRiyue Bao
Bioinformatics support for translational genomics using sequencing, arrays, single cell, other. Shadyside, HCC
Cancer Genomics Facility, HCC OMICSMaureen Lyons
Genomics and transcriptomics platforms including nucleic acid extraction, sample QC, NGS library preparation and next generation sequencing. Specializing in paraffin-embedded tissue samples. Shadyside, SHDY
Cancer Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Facility, HCC Specialized AssaysJan Hendrik Beumer
The UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Cancer Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Facility (CPPF) provides accessible, economical, comprehensive, and state-of-the-art bioanalytical, pharmacokinetic and pharmacology research services that support preclinical and clinical research programs focused on oncology at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center and medical institutions nationwide. Resources include HPLC-UV/fluorescence, ICP-MS, LC-MS/MS, LSC, ELISA, and in vivo rodent procedures, As well as advanced PK software suites. and expertise for preclinical and clinical projects. Shadyside, HCC
Cytometry Facility, HCC Cell Biology OMICSE. Michael Meyer
Analytical cytometry and cell sorting. Nanostring Digital Spatial Analyzer & nCounter support. Shadyside, FORD
Immunologic Monitoring and Cellular Products Laboratory, HCC Clinical Research In Vivo/Vitro AgentsGeneral email
A 24/7 monitored facility operates with twelve clean rooms operation and focuses on IND manufacturing under cGMP/cGTP. The facility director specializes and collaborates on preclinical research development involving process development, technology transfer and testing development on human cell-based drugs for clinical trials. Immunological monitoring services are available to support clinical trials. The facility is a FACT, CLIA, CAP and FDA accredited laboratory. Shadyside, HCC and Riverside, Riviera
In Vivo Imaging Facility, HCC (clinical research) Imaging & Microscopy Clinical ResearchRivka Colen
The Hillman IVIF provides novel quantitative imaging techniques that trace biomarkers of molecular events associated with effective cancer therapy. Shadyside, SHDY
Luminex Core Laboratory Specialized AssaysDenise Prosser
Luminex assays are multiplexed bead based immunoassays using a minimal volume of sample. Luminex technology allows the profiling of up to 100 different proteins, peptides, or DNA molecules in a single microtiter well. Results have strong concordance to ELISA and mass spectrometry. Thousands of commercially validated kits are available for purchase through the core laboratory. A list of these assays can be requested. Shadyside, HCC
Magee Obstetric Medical and Infant (MOMI) Database and Biobank Biospecimen & HistologyJeanette Wellman
Obstetric biological materials from prenatal visits through delivery along with annotated clinical information. Study design assistance is available. Oakland, Magee Hospital
Histology & Micro-Imaging Core (HMC) Biospecimen & Histology Imaging & MicroscopyCarlos A Castro
High quality, rapid tissue processing and imaging services. “Tissue to image” approach allows investigators to request services, drop off samples, and receive interpretation, images, or image analyses of their processed samples according to their needs. Oakland, MWRI
Genome Editing, Transgenic & Virus (GETV) Core Model Organisms In Vivo/Vitro AgentsKyle Orwig
Oakland, MWRI: Cloning (plasmid, virus, CRISPR/Cas9); Vectors (lentivirus, adenovirus); transgenic, knockout, cryopreservation, re-derivation. Oakland, MWRI
Cell Cytometry and Sorting Core Cell BiologyAaron Siegel
Cell cytometry and sorting. Oakland, MWRI
Confocal Microscope Core Imaging & MicroscopyJudith Yanowitz
Confocal microscopes available to investigators campus wide. User operated after intensive training and demonstration of proficiency. Oakland, MWRI
Brain Bank, Neuropathology Biospecimen & HistologyContact
Biorepository specializing in brain tissue. Predominantly deceased adults with neurodegenerative diseases. Limited number of pediatric cases involving genetic disorders. Oakland, SCAIF
Statistics Consulting Center Computing & Data AnalysisContact
No charge consulting service offered to the Pitt community by the Statistics department. Statistics graduate students work in the center to fulfill their required training under faculty supervision. Oakland, WWPH
Epidemiology Data Center Computing & Data AnalysisContact
The Epidemiology Data Center (EDC) provides a research environment in which complex health questions can be explored and answered using the combined tools of biology and statistics. The EDC establishes collaborations with clinical researchers to design, conduct, and analyze multicenter randomized clinical trials and epidemiological studies. management, computing. Oakland SCHEN
Biological Sciences Microscopy and Imaging Suite Imaging & Microscopy Cell BiologyChaowei Shang
Equipment and resources for light, confocal and electron microscopy. Flow cytometer also available. Software for image and cytometry analysis. Wet lab space for independent EM sample prep. Oakland, LANGY
Clinical and Translational Science Institute, Core Services Clinical ResearchResearch Facilitator
The CTSI is made up of 12 Core divisions. Each core offers specialist research services, as well as funding and educational opportunities. • Regulatory Knowledge & Support • Trial Implementation & Enrollment • Community Partners • Pilot Funding • Biomedical Informatics • Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Research Design • Clinical Research Facilities • Implementation Lab • Innovation
Pitt BioRepository Database Biospecimen & HistologyPaul Wood
Online: Searchable database of biorepositories at Pitt with collaborator contact information. Online.
UPMC Genome Center, UGC OMICSLyndsey Kelly
The UPMC Genome Center provides high-quality, automated lab services for both clinical and research needs to improve the quality of human care. We work directly with physicians, health systems, researchers, and commercial partners to further the advancement of next generation sequencing. Shadyside, 5560 Centre Ave.
Pre-clinical In Vivo Imaging Facility, HCC Imaging & Microscopy Model OrganismsKathryn Day or Joseph Latoche
MR, PET-CT, optical and ultrasound for small animals. Shadyside, HCC
Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design Computing & Data AnalysisWeb form
BERD provides consultations regarding study design, statistical analyses, power and sample size calculations, and data collection for clinical and translational studies and grant applications. BERD offers consultation for collecting and managing data using the REDCap system. BERD also offers a series of workshops to provide essential elements involved in data collection, data management and creating reports for research studies. Oakland, FRTWR
Office of Academic Computing Computing & Data AnalysisGeneral email
Using current best practices in database and software development, OAC develops applications for research data collection and processing, including robust database designs with emphasis on data integrity and security. The OAC specializes in clinical research management systems (CRMS) integrated with secure online data collection. Oakland, WPIC
Tissue Culture and Histology Core Facility Biospecimen & Histology Cell BiologyKatherine Davoli
Histology support from tissue processing to H&E staining for FFPE or fresh frozen specimens. Basic and advanced tissue culture techniques available. Open to all researchers with a vision related project regardless of department or institutional affiliation. Training is available for user operated access to all equipment or services can be performed by facility staff.
CMU-Pitt Brain Imaging Data Generation & Education (BRIDGE) Center Imaging & Microscopy Clinical ResearchGeneral email
A research-dedicated neuroimaging facility, with a focus on advanced data analytics and basic science research, meaning that it is designed exclusively to support basic science research and the next generation of brain scientists. RRID: SCR_023356 Oakland Mellon Institute